Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NZXT Epic Humpday Giveaway

In celebration of Leap Year, NZXT is anteing up their Humpday Giveaway by putting their epic high-end Hybrid Full Tower chassis away. That’s right everyone, if you’re looking for a major chassis update you can consider this week your lucky day! You guys will all equally have a chance to win a Switch 810 case from NZXT. Remember guys, this is the FIRST time NZXT has decided to give the Switch 810 away to their fans. This ALSO was released January 17th. What a sweet treat for everyone to get the latest technology for free! The rules are simple: share the Humpday post, like NZXT's Facebook page, and *hope* to win on Friday (March 2nd)  when they announce one fortunate winner. Who will be crowned the new Switch 810 owner? Will it be you or a foe?

Click here to play NZXT’s Humpday Giveaway (every Wednesday).

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Show NZXT some GEEK LOVE in their ‘I choose you… NZXT’ Valentine’s Day Contest

Love is on everyone’s mind this month - NZXT is looking for some awesome fans to become their wingman this Valentine’s Day. They promise to shower the chosen one with some epic loot. What epic loot are we talking about? The grand prize would be NZXT’s Phantom in *pink* along with a custom side panel laser etched with the contest name and winner’s Gamertag! How sweet is that?

Now that I got your attention, let me explain how you guys can enter the contest. Also, this Valentine’s Day contest will be closed for USA and Canada only. However, everyone gets a chance to be apart of the judging process by voting on NZXT’s Facebook page and picking their fan favorite V-day cards. The contestant pool will consist of team NZXT’s chosen top 5 V-day cards. What a great way to get everyone a chance to participate in the contest :)

How to enter: Simply make a creative Valentine’s Day card that is themed after video game/NZXT/PC culture, using any digital medium such as Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Paint, etc. Hell, you can even do a hand-drawn card if you want! When you’re done, submit your final artwork to Submission begins today and you guys have until February 13th to get your V-day cards in! The voting will start February 14th and close Friday the 17th. Good luck to all and get those creative juices flowing ;)

For more contest details, click here.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NZXT Humpday Giveaway

Wednesdays are awesome once again! This week’s Humpday giveaway will be an accessory from NZXT: the Sentry Mesh fan controller. You guys should know the drill by now. Like NZXT’s Facebook page, share their latest Humpday giveaway post, and *hope* to win on Friday when they announce one lucky winner of the Sentry Mesh fan controller around the afternoon (PST). As a bonus, you guys can double your chances by retweeting their Humpday post as well. But remember guys, no spamming of the shares will be tolerated by NZXT. Last week there were over 9,000 shares that 8% were due to spam. You guys only need to share the post once on Facebook and once on Twitter (if you guys are eager for double entries). Good luck to all!

Click here to share, like, and win every Wednesday thanks to NZXT.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

NZXT Humpday Giveaway

Wednesdays certainly offer something exciting to look forward to thanks to NZXT Corp. Yes that’s right - it’s time for their latest Humpday Giveaway! This week you guys are able to share and hopefully land dibs on a free NZXT case - the Source 220. The Source 220 is NZXT’s mainstream case which can pretty much be ideal for gaming or even as a work station. The design is not noisy but rather sleek. Did I mention it’s also a fantastic case to mod? Just a little FYI.

So remember fellas, all you have to do to get entered to win this excellent case is simply head over to NZXT’s Facebook page: like  their page and then share the Humpday giveaway post. Winners will be announced on Friday around 3PM PST. Good luck to all!

Click here to enter to share, like, and win!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NZXT Humpday Giveaway - Mystery Post CES Gift Bag

Wednesdays are always exciting thanks to NZXT. This week, they’re giving out an exclusive post CES 2012 gift bag filled with NZXT swag. What’s inside is a complete mystery. If you guys REALLY want to know what’s in the bag then log onto your Facebook account to share, like, and hopefully win the prize. You guys have 48 hours until they select a winner. One lucky winner will be announced on Friday around 3PM PST. Good luck everyone!

Click here to share, like, and win at the NZXT FB page.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Vote Your Favorite NZXT Phantom 410 Color

Voice your opinion on what should be the next color combination for the NZXT Phantom 410 Mid-Tower PC case. The top 3 voted colors will go into production and will be available for retail in late February. This is NZXT’s way of getting their fans involved in the color selection process of the ever so popular chassis.

Vote now on NZXT’s Facebook page. You guys have until 1/4/12 12:00PM PST to select your favorite color combination before the poll comes to an end.

If you guys are wondering which one I like the most, it would DEFINITELY be the black with white trim.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

End 2011 On a Good Note

I hope everyone had a spectacular Holiday weekend! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve lurked onto my own blog and Tumblr. But bear with me guys, I’m just on a tight schedule and have been super busy with the Holiday rush, work, and gaming in general. BUT, I will be more than delighted to share with you some of the awesome gifts I received this year ;)

To make things up for the inactivity, here’s the latest Humpday Giveaway from NZXT. This will be the last for 2011 - what a great way to finish the year with a kick ass mid-tower chassis. Here’s your chance to update your current/new PC build with a sexy, unique, and innovative PC case from NZXT. You guys will have 48 hours for a chance to share, like, and possibly win the popular Phantom 410 case. The winner will be announced on Friday as usual during mid-day. Enter now before you guys forget! Keep your eyes peeled for my next post showing off my gaming themed gift sets received this Holiday. It will certainly be something you guys can appreciate - especially if you are a Gears head.

REMEMBER GUYS - like NZXT Corp.’s page, share their latest Humpday Post, set your profile setting to public, and then tune in on Friday to see if you’re a lucky winner. (Occurs every week :) )

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NZXT Corp. Wishes Everyone a Silent Night

Happy Holidays everyone! It’s that Christmas spirit and wonderful deals that’s keeping this month rolling by so quickly. In fact, it’s almost time for CES 2012 already >.> Anyways, here’s the latest giveaway from NZXT Corp. Once again, it’s their Humpday Giveaway only Holiday edition this time around! If you’re lucky enough, you could score a free silent performance PC case.

The NZXT H2 is up for grabs at everyone’s favorite price - FREE. Simply visit NZXT Corp.’s Facebook page, like their page, and share this post. Then tune in on their Facebook page on Friday near 3:00PM PST to see who the winner of the H2 chassis is! Good luck everyone! Also, anyone been splurging on Steam Holiday deals lately? Find them here.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The NZXT Phantom 410 Mid-Tower Chassis Is a Keeper

Are you due for a PC upgrade? Or at least a chassis update? :P Well today is a great time to consider buying a new case - especially if you are searching for a mid-tower chassis for your system build.

NZXT unveils their latest mid-tower chassis, the Phantom 410. The Phantom 410 is the descendant of the original Phantom that was popular due to its iconic design rocking the Storm Trooper white. The Phantom has now evolved into a series that reminds everyone in the market how they set the trend for all white chassis. In other words, NZXT Phantom 410 is bringing sexy back. Don’t be fooled, this chassis is more than merely just looks. It is packed with functionality and accessibility than other cases in the market. I highly recommend the Phantom 410 to be apart of your next build as it earns my seal of approval. If you’re not convinced, check out this premiere video of the Phantom 410. It will show you the highlights and features of this awesome case.

Click here to watch the premiere product launch video of NZXT Phantom 410.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Ultimate Giveaway For 2011 

Oh how I missed you so Internet - Sorry it’s been dead at my blog recently. My internet was out for days due to the Santa Ana winds knocking down all the trees and powerlines. If you don’t believe me, just follow up with the recent news about Arcadia. Anyways, let’s get down to business!

If you guys are due for a system upgrade, look no further as NZXT is doing another PC upgrade giveaway! This time, they have reached their climax of gaining 12,000+ page likes on their Facebook page. To celebrate, they’re showing their love and appreciation to all their fans by allowing ONE lucky winner to receive the ULTIMATE PC upgrade with their brand new Phantom 410 Mid-Tower chassis. The Phantom 410 JUST came out 2 days ago. What better way to end 2011 with a strong finish? You guys have until Tuesday (12/6) to enter to win a custom built Phantom 410 Command Center (full system build). You guys can check out the grand prize album here. Be sure to ‘like' NZXT Corp.'s page and answer their questionnaire to enter their ultimate giveaway!

The Ultimate PC upgrade giveaway can be found here.